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Capitol Raceway
No glass bottles


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Some important House Rules:

Everyone must sign waiver to enter Capitol Raceway, no exception.

All Spectators must put on Bands at the Gate.

No Refunds once you enter this facility.

Racing Gas only sold to racers racing inside Capitol Raceway.

Rainchecks only approved by Management.

All Racers must pay to race and must “Tech In” before going down track.

All Racers must have on bands before entering Staging Lanes.

No parking on staging lanes. Only authorized vehicles.

No Children are allowed in staging lanes or on track for their safety.

No Golf Carts, Smart Cars, slingshots etc... or any other type of vehicle is allowed on the track unless you are racing that vehicle.

This is not an exhaustive list of some of the house rules here at Capitol Raceway. 

Capitol Raceway 2024 Schedule

March 2024

March 2nd No Prep Tree side/Drifting open to all Solo & Tandem. DMVTuner Carshow Domestic and Imports Welcome!

March 3rd Test n Tune Prep Track 

March 8th Marathon Friday Test N Tune

March 9th Test N Tune /Drifting Tandem 

March 16th Test N Tune/ Street vs Street Gates open at 11am

March 17th Test N Tune Gates open at 11am

March 22nd Test N Tune Gates open 5pm-11pm 

March 23rd Close due to weather

March 24th Drifting Gates open 11am-6pm

March 29th Test N Tune Gates open at 5pm-11pm

March 30th Index 7.50/6.50/5.50 Motorcycles Bracket Race 1/4, Drifting Solo Gates open at 11am

March 31st Easter Sunday Track CLOSED

April 2024

April 5th Closed 

April 6th Test N Tune, Meet & Greet Car Show Gates Open @2pm

April 7th Closed.

April 12th Test N Tune Gates Open @5pm

April 13th Test N Tune, Meet & Greet, Gambler's Race

April 14th America Vs. World Gates Open @11am

April 19th Street vs Street, Test N Tune, King of The Hill

April 20th Meet & Greet, Test N Tune, Gambler's Race

April 26th Test N Tune, Street vs Street

April 27th Nostalgia Stock/Super Stock

May 2024

May 3rd Test N Tune, King of The Hill, Street vs Street 

May 4th Full Octane Challenge Fastest Street Cars 1/4, Roll Racing1/4 Auto show

May 10th Test N Tune NT Grudge lock-In Night on the Hill, Street vs Street 

May 11th Test N Tune, Meet & Greet

May 17th Test N Tune

May 24th Test N Tune 

May 31st Test N Tune 

June 2024

June 1st Test N Tune, Meet & Greet, Gambler's Race

June 7th King of The Hill Small Tire $2500, Test N Tune, Big Tire Bad Boys $2500 10 cars or more

June 14th Closed due to weather  

June 15th Back of the Track, Drifting Gates open at 1:00pm

June 16th Happy Father's Day Track Closed

June 21st Test N Tune, R/C Drag

June 22nd Test N Tune, R/C Drag, Gambler's Race Gates open at 2pm

June 23rd Track Closed

June 28th Test N Tune, Street vs Street

June 29th Stick It Too 'EM Nationals Gates open at 1:00pm, Drifting, Street Vs Street Gates open at 1pm

June 30th Track Closed

July 2024

July 4th Closed

July 5th Test N Tune Gates open at 5pm

July 6th Closed

July 7th Closed

July 12th Test N Tune Gates open at 5:00pm 

July 13th Closed

July 14th Closed

July 19th Test N Tune/King of the Hill Gates open at 5pm

July 20th Import Showdown

July 21st Import Showdown

July 26th Test N Tune Gates open at 5pm

July 27th Open

July 28th Closed

August 2024

Aug 17th Nostalgia Stock/Super Stock

October 2024

Oct 26th Nostalgia Stock/Super Stock

Stay tuned for more upcoming monthly schedules and changes. 

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* $20,000.00 - Tower Front 4' x 20' Signage

* $10,000.00 - Starting Line Strip Signage (2)

* $5,000.00 - Tower Side 4' x 8' One Sign

* $2,500. 00 - Starting Line Wall - 12' x 26" Signage (2)

*  $2,500.00 - Winner Circle Below - 4' x 8'

* $1,500.00 - Jersey Walls Down Track 12'x 26" Signage (2)

*  $500.00 - 4' X 4' Signage Bleachers

Sponsorship includes:

               - Logo and Company link inclusion on Capitol Raceway Website

               - Company Sponsorship Acknowledgement during race events

               - Sponsorship is from March-February  

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Capitol Raceway

History of Capitol Raceway

The dream of owning a racetrack became a reality in 1965. The owner, who was a drag racer himself in the ‘50s and ‘60s, wanted to establish a drag racing track for fans and families to enjoy the sport of automobile racing. He brought Capitol Raceway to life with his passion and vision of the sport. Many legendary racers started their careers at the track.

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